Major US manufacturer produces technical publications at one-eighth of the previous cost with Cortona3D

3 March 2008

Next-Generation Product Support Resources: Illustrated Parts Catalog, Computer-based training modules, Illustrated tool & equipment manual and system description  - WOW its customers and give them huge productivity gains

Cortona3D, the proven leader in 3D ‘Visual Know-How’ software to global OEMs, today announced the massive cost savings of 80+% that a major US Manufacturer, of aircraft engines and components, has gained by deploying Cortona3D software from Cortona3D to produce its fully digital technical publications. Though impressive, the bottom-line benefits are only half the story. The interactivity and intuitiveness gained by the customer using the 3D deliverable are enabling significant productivity enhancements to them also and are bound to revolutionize the way end-users access and manage equipment technical data.

“This is an industry first. Our customer is leveraging interactive 3D content across all its customer support information for this engine and gaining massive business benefits from the deployment of Cortona3D. It is a very strong endorsement of our products,” said Connell Gallagher, President of Cortona3D. “Previously, this US manufacturer like many more had to manually import, edit, redraw, and page-reference iterations of engineering drawings, parts lists, and instructions many times from many sources. The process was laborious and time-consuming and the contents of one manual couldn't be used in another. Now Cortona3D automates the import and linking of engineering data. The software allows all of the resources to be centrally managed so that future updates and revisions can be more easily and efficiently generated,” Gallagher of Cortona3D continued.

Also, the accuracy and quality of data are greatly improved by leveraging up-to-the-minute content directly from CAD. Finally, given a huge distribution network, it is a massive advantage to this US manufacturer to be able to make deliverables available with real-time updates online.

Cortona3D open standards software enables organizations to reuse existing CAD data or other 3D source material to author lightweight, interactive 3D visualizations and simulations for more effective support documentation across business functional areas. The software is available as an Enterprise server-based solution or products can be purchased on a modular basis. Whether for operations, service, maintenance, or repair Cortona3D uses animated 3D simulations/explosions to clearly communicate complex procedures/assemblies. The intuitive, easy-to-use 3D color graphical interface enables the user to interact – zoom, rotate, and explode on screen – the model with all metadata attached.

“Cortona3D from Cortona3D enables manufacturers to produce more effective technical publications much faster and more cost-effectively than before. More OEMs like our customers Boeing, Airbus, and Ford are under pressure to shorten cycle timeliness and cut costs of deliverables so demand for our software to automate cumbersome manual processes and streamline the production of these resources is increasing”, said Connell Gallagher, President, Cortona3D. “On the other side, the end-user prefers to get resources – spare parts catalogs, illustrated equipment manuals, systems descriptions that are interactive, intuitive and user friendly so this has become a competitive differentiator when choosing one product over another.”

About Cortona3D

Cortona3D provides 3D visual knowledge software to equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. Cortona3D open standards authoring tools give subject matter experts the power to create interactive, animated 3D Product Documentation such as maintenance manuals, parts catalogs, and interactive training from existing CAD assets rapidly. Pr oven benefits are three times faster production, 80+% cost savings, and improved quality. Customers include Boeing, Ford, Bosch, ES and Airbus. Cortona3D has an unmatched track record of sector leadership and continuous product.

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